(Basic PTA Device with Neurova+ operating software)

The Basic PTA Device with installed Neurova+ operating software is used as a therapy device for treating different neurological clinical pictures.

The therapeutic device allows treatment using time-controlled EMG biofeedback, electrostimulation, a combination of both therapeutic methods and EMG-triggered electrostimulation. In addition to the therapeutic functions, the device also has intuitive operation and a high level of user-friendliness.
The different treatment programs support the active training of endurance, strength and co-ordination of the musculature to recover patterns of movement (such as in hemiparesis after a stroke) and in the treatment of spasticity.The electrostimulation programs provide additional strengthening of the musculature.



  • Areas of application
  • Functions
  • Package
  • Optional accessories

Spasticity or incomplete paralysis after a stroke or skull/brain trauma
Lesions in the central nervous system (operative interventions, inflammations, traumatic injuries)
Muscular hypotrophy and atrophy
Paralysis (as a result of diseases to peripheral nerves capable of regeneration)
Muscular development & rehabilitation

EMG biofeedback training
Combined therapy
EMG-triggered electrostimulation

1x therapeutic device (Basic PTA Device with pre-installed Neurova+ operating software)
1x sturdy plastic case
1x charger
1x operating instructions
Further optional accessories are required, dependent on the treatment