(Basic PTA Device, modified,with Mikti operating software)

The Basic PTA Device with installed Mikti operating software is used as a therapeutic device for the treatment of different forms of micturition disturbance or rectal incontinence in children.
Treatment using time-controlled EMG is possible with this therapeutic device. In addition to its therapeutic functions, the device has intuitive operation, a high level of user-friendliness, as well as a measurement-value display suitable for use by children.

Its different treatment programs primarily support active training of endurance, strength and co-ordination of the musculature, as well as the sphincter apparatus.


  • Areas of application
  • Functions
  • Package
  • Optional accessories

Functional micturition disturbances
Post-operative training after anal atresia

EMG biofeedback training suitable for children

1x therapeutic device (Basic PTA Device with pre-installed Mikti operating software)
1x sturdy plastic case
1x charger
1x operating instructions
Further optional accessories are required, dependent on the treatment

For more information and technical specifications, see Basic PTA Device.