(Basic PTA Device, modified, with Conpreva operating software)

The Basic PTA Device (modified for the connection of the manometry module) with pre-installed Conpreva operating software is used as a combined diagnostic and therapeutic device for treating different forms of incontinence and micturition disturbance.

Furthermore, the medical device can be used for the treatment of neurological clinical pictures. To this end, it has numerous diagnostic and therapeutic functions, as well as intuitive operation and a high level of user friendliness.

This device allows manometric investigation as well as treatment using pressure biofeedback, time-controlled EMG biofeedback, electrostimulation, a combination of both therapeutic methods and EMG-triggered electrostimulation.

Its different treatment programs support active training of endurance, strength and co-ordination of the musculature, as well as the sphincter apparatus.
Manometry takes place using a chamber pressureprobe. Muscular activity is recorded with the help of an anal or vaginalprobe and / or with adhesive electrodes, and displayed on the colour screen of the device.


  • Areas of application
  • Functions
  • Package
  • Optional accessories

Stress, urge or mixed incontinence
Rectal incontinence
Prostatectomy or anal atresia
Functional micturition disturbances
Neurological clinical pictures

Vaginal or anorectal pressure measurement and / or electromyography
Pressure biofeedback training
EMG biofeedback training
Combined therapy
EMG-triggered electrostimulation

1x therapeutic device (Basic PTA Device modified for connection of the manometry module, with pre-installed Conpreva operating software)
1x sturdy plastic case
1x medical power supply unit
1x operating instructions
Further optional accessories are required, dependent on the treatment